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ForestCalc Consulting Oy is a Finnish private forest consulting company operating and networking locally and globally. The latest overseas assignments have been in East Asia and Southern Africa. The company is based in Joensuu which is an internationally recognized centre of forest knowledge and the hometown of European Forest Institute (EFI), University of Eastern Finland - School of Forest Sciences, LUKE (i.e. ex-METLA) Joensuu Research Station, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and several forestry experts.

About us


ForestCalc Consulting Oy provides expertise and services in forest inventory, forest carbon stock assessments, forest management planning, project planning and management, REDD+ MRV, and collecting information for establishing national forest reference emission level and/or forest reference level.

The company is specialized in data analysis and processing using open-source tools, as R and QGIS, and in using Open Foris tools for data collection, data management, processing and publishing.

Open Foris is a set of free and open-source software tools that facilitates flexible and efficient data collection, analysis and reporting. Open Foris is an intiative of FAO and available at www.openforis.org.

Latest Update (11/2016)


New company web pages are published! The pages contain some useful materials for efficient use of Open Foris tools and old ForestCalc tools.


Here will be later more Open Foris related materials!